Survi Review: Kishore Kumar Pardasani’s Katamarayudu (2017)

Pavan Survi Katamarayudu Review

Commercial Tollywood films like this always stir many doubts in your mind regarding making and all the people involved in the creative side, behind the screen. To begin with, it’s really shocking to know this is a remake of Ajith’s commercially successful film Veeram (2014), since the present Telugu remake has nothing really worth praising or even talking about. Moreover, it has 7 fight sequences in its age-old storyline that it truly makes you wonder what forced makers to choose such a film to remake for the Telugu audience and what they wanted to prove by remaking a film that’s already been dubbed into Telugu, as Veerudokkade.

Katamarayudu revolves around the lives of argus-eyed village head Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) and four doting brothers, who wouldn’t hesitate to wield arms to protect them or even all the thallapaka villagers close to their family for that matter, but situations force them to leave trigger-happy life and swan to never raise them again, for Avanti (Shruti Haasan). As Kollywood projects go, it seemed like a commercially viable subject for Tollywood to adapt. We’re nothing if not familiar with adoring brothers, crazy commitment phobia and people get their shit kicked out of them so that they can showcase their do-gooder angle in Rayalaseema, and falls for a girl with classical taste and family, so that Pawan Kalyan can express his unfeeling orphan emotion in the end: “when you asked me to leave your place, for the first time I felt like an orphan.”

Katamarayudu, directed by Kishore Kumar Pardashani (Gopala Gopala &Thadaka), seems to narrate a simple story that was so age old that a story like “Rajugaru 7 chappalu” feels fresh infront of it. One wonders what movie did he watch, while Veeram/Veerudokkade movie was playing in his laptop. He doesn’t understand core characterization of the lead, nor does he try to improve on the basics that a director like Siva was able to create. You don’t need a popular hero for the kind of output he brought on to screens. Any kind of hero the result would have been same, and for a popular hero this kind of a film will remain a black dot in his elusive resume. A popular hero comes with a baggage of expectations and also a legacy of his previous hit movies. Many makers tend to feel referencing to the successful past movies of the stars will suffice, but you need to create a strong enough characterization for the actor in a tight screenplay.

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